The Story Behind CCO Companion

What makes CCO Companion such a terrific compliance tool is that it was born of necessity, not opportunity. It was driven by my growing frustration that when it came to any one particular regulatory issue, it was impossible to be certain whether I had all relevant compliance material at my disposal. In most instances, it was impossible to even know what “relevant” meant in a compliance world dominated by ever-changing and oft-elusive best practices.

So I started to keep a record of key compliance source material and cross referenced it to different compliance areas. Over the years it grew from notes jotted down on random pieces of paper to color coded charts to an extensive database of information. At some point, I realized that others might find this information useful, so I hired one of the best mobile software developers to turn my years of work into a beautifully designed, easy-to-use, incredibly powerful, compliance app.

In my role as President of an international compliance consulting firm, I use CCO Companion every single day. Whether you are a seasoned compliance professional or if you came to the compliance profession more recently (or reluctantly), I know with absolute certainty that CCO Companion will be of great help to you in fulfilling the demands of your job.

Thank you for all the encouraging feedback and support.


Scott Gottlieb

Digital Compliance, LLC

The Company Behind CCO Companion

Digital Compliance provides technologically-advanced mobile applications to meet the challenges of regulatory compliance. We are uncompromising perfectionists when it comes to code, design, workflow and content.

In addition to expanding CCO Companion to other platforms, other mobile compliance applications in development include:

  • CCO Companion – Broker-Dealer Version
  • CCO Companion – P2P Lending Version
  • CCO Companion – Price Reporting Agency Version
  • CCO Companion – Investment Company Version
  • CCO Companion – Crowdfunding Version

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The People Behind Digital Compliance

Scott Gottlieb
Founder, Content Manager

Timur Migirov
Head of Product Development

Gene Migirov
Head of Technology