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Your privacy is important to Digital Compliance, LLC (“Digital Compliance” “we” or “us” or “our”) and we believe that greater protection of personal privacy on the web will not only protect consumers, but also increase confidence and ultimately their participation in online activities. Therefore, this policy has been created to provide you with the information on what we collect from our users and how it is used, so that you are able to make choices and decisions on how you use this website (this “Site”). This privacy policy can be viewed from all web pages on this Site.

In short, we do not collect or share personal information. Nor do we track or profile you.

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Third-Party Links
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This Site does not require the use of cookie files or cookies to view public information. A cookie file is an electronic record containing unique information a website can use to track such things as passwords; lists of pages visited; and the date when a specific page was accessed; or to identify a user session at a particular website. A cookie is often used in commercial sites to identify the items selected for a specific shopping cart or web portal.

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